About AlphaLane

AlphaLane is a car leasing and full-service car leasing company, which provides a wide range of car-related services and offers individualized leasing options. AlphaLane serves as a one-stop-shop where customers can get good car leasing and insurance deals in one place that makes the car-buying process so much easier. Besides, customers can also take advantage of many other services and assistance offered by AlphaLane.

Any private person or legal entity who is interested in buying a car and other related services, may become AlphaLane customers. For more detailed information and/or to request a leasing quote, please contact us by phone +371-67767760 or e-mail: info@alphalane.lv.

AlphaLane offers an easy and simple process for your car finance, as well services that help our customers to compare costs of different vehicles, to select the desired car, to formalize the purchase and resolve any other issues. For more detailed information, please refer to section “How It Works”! AlphaLane car leasing deals and insurance – unparalleled simplicity and full service in one place.

In addition to car lease payments, AlphaLane also calculates for you the actual running costs of your car over a certain period considering the expected mileage, hence, helping you to understand and compare the actual maintenance costs of various vehicles.

About AlphaLane leasing

AlphaLane leasing finances the purchase of both, new and pre-owned cars. The main leasing condition is that when your lease is nearing maturity, your car may not be older than 10 years.

The minimum contract period is 6 months, and the maximum – 60 months.

Warranties given by the Seller, Manufacturer or an authorized dealer apply to all cars even if they are financed through AlphaLane leasing.

Monthly payments are fixed throughout the contract period. It may be subject to change, however, if the customer adds extra services under the same contract.

AlphaLane customers can buy out their vehicles upon lease maturity.

AlphaLane customers can buy out their vehicles prior to expiry of the lease contract. In case of finance lease, the customer must pay the outstanding car value, whereas in case of operating lease – residual value of the vehicle plus any additional contract termination fees.

If the leasing contract is terminated prior to its maturity date and the customer buys out the vehicle, the customer shall cover all contract termination costs in the amount of up to 2 monthly payments. If the vehicle is returned to AlphaLane, the contract termination fee may comprise up to 30% of the outstanding lease payments, taking into consideration the possibilities for AlphaLane to sell the vehicle and its residual value.

About services

The basic AlphaLane service package includes car leasing, insurance and AlphaLane administrative services that all ensure easier purchase and daily use of the car, as well as provide considerable financial and time savings for the customer.

AlphaLane customers can create their desired car leasing option by including a wide range of services in the monthly lease payments. The section “Car Leasing” lists various services and car maintenance costs, which may be included in the monthly lease payments.

Customers may, at any time and at their own discretion, add services included in the lease payments according to the list of services offered by AlphaLane.

If your car lease payments include car maintenance and/or repair services, such services will be provided by an authorized car repair workshop.